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The Best Stop Gray Hair Cure Supplement in Prevent, Reverse Gray Hair Treatment

Black Forever Gray Hair and Hair Loss Treatment USA Product
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Catalase ,Biotin ,Vitamins B1->B6 ,Fo Ti ,Saw Palmetto ,Plant Sterols ,Chlorophyll ,Barley Grass ,Pantothenic Acid ,Folic Acid,Copper ,Zinc oxide ,Horsetail ,Para-Aminobenzoic Acid ,L-Tyrosine ,Nettle Root Extract....

Capacity: Bottle contains 60 capsules. MADE IN USA


Black Forever, gray hair cure supplement, is a USA product made from natural 100% with NO SIDE EFFECT, in order to supplement the effect valued natural ingredients that make you hair get back its original color as enzyme CATALASE (an enzyme that has been scientifically proven prevent gray hair from inside the hair root), knotweed (additional pigment make hair keep its original color), Biotin (help hair grow thicker), Vitamin B1> B6 ... to stop, prevent or reverse gray hair treatment and hair loss treatment. It gets back original hair color and makes your hair thicker, softer, shiny, healthy beauty hair. CATALASE and HYDDROGEN PEROXIDE (H2O2) is the second component of our bodies produced naturally. Catalase, an antioxidant enzyme, catalase molecule can decompose millions of H202 molecules thus hindering the formation of silver hair, reverse aging and get hair back original color, while Hydrogen peroxide molecule (H2O2) to reduce the amount of melanin, bleached original hair color. As our hair is original color because our bodies produce large amounts of catalase. Due to external factors such as advanced age, stress, smoking, insomnia, use of toxic chemical dyes,… makes the body catalase serious decline and then H2O2 increases rapidly and make hair become gray. Black Forever, gray hair supplement, help supplement catalase ingredient body needs to be able to get back in original natural hair color. In addition, Black Forever also offers a full range of trace elements and vitamins are needed to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, baldness, hair strong as : Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Zinc, ....

Black Forever


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(This is real videos provided by Mr. Brother Phan)

Mr. Brother Phan, lives in Oregon USA, shared: 'I got my father, over 65 years old, live in Outside US. His gray hair nearly 95% before using this product. In 2013, i bought some cheap anti-gray products for him but it not working. In March 2014, i bought 4 these items for him. After first 2 months using, nothing happen with gray hair, just only decrease hair loss little but after fourth month using, only his gray hairs turned into dark brown color. He was very happy and took an video clip for this. This make me bought for him more 4 Black Forever bottles. After 8 months, all gray hair of him has no longer. And now his hair got 2 color (black and dark brown) and he stops using this because we really get what we need about this product bring to. Now i buy this for my mom. I recommend this product to everybody.'

Mrs Nhien before using-Click to see video

Mrs Nhien after 3rd month- Click to see video

Mrs. Nhien, lives in Vietnam shared: "I am 60 years old this year. My gray hair started 10 years ago and have used monthly dye once. About 2 years ago, I discovered my hair was loss so much than before as a result of side effects of hair dye. I tried using knotweed and other cheap gray hair supplements about 6 months but no working. Six months ago, I met a friend,lives in the US,come back to Vietnam. She introduced me Black Forever that she's using for gray hair treatment because it gots FDA Approved and was sold in Amazon Market. She showed me parts of her grey hair had turned dark brown. I took the time to learn and read scientific papers as well as the comments of US users of the formula and the gray hair treatment products. Most of them say that the treatments related to hair as hair loss, gray hair, ... orally must take at least several months ( 3 months or more) in order to see the effect of it. I bought 6 Black Forever bottles for using 6 months gray hair treatment. In the first and second month, my hair just be thicken, reduce hair loss so much but my gray hair still not change.After third month, my gray hair started turning into brown color in a few places. And after sixth month, all my gray hair changed to brown, and most of them (brown hair) changed to black color (my original hair color), a little of them still in brown color. I'm really happy because it's working perfectly, my gray hair or my hair loss has no longer. Now i got thicken and strong hair without any gray hair and i look i am younger more than 10 years. Now I continue to use Black Forever to maintain my natural black hair.'

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(This is real videos provided by Mrs. Moon)

Mrs. Moon, live in Nevada USA, shared: 'I am nearly 55 years old. My hair is about 50% white. I used cheap antigray supplement before but it not works so i must use dye hair that makes me hair loss a lot. I lose 50 bucks a month for dye hair. My sister introduced me this product because she used it for 10 months and her white hair now has no longer. I used Black Forever 4 months from this time. In first and second month, my hair be softer and hair loss reduce so much but white hair still not change. After using 3 months, my white hair are going to turn into dark brown. I am so happy with this result because it works. My hair is about 50cm for long and it growth speed is nearly 1.2 cm a month. Now my gray hair turned into brown over 25cm. I took this video for sharing my good result for your seeing. I am using it more (i guess 8 months for removing all white hair) and introduced this product to my friends and relative. I wish all of them will got the best result like me.'

(This is real pictures provided by Mrs. Chau)

Mrs. Chau, lives in Lang Son,VN shared: 'My name's Chau. I am clothes wholesaler. I am nearly 55 years old. I have nearly 90% gray hair before using Black Forever. One year ago, I saw an advertise article for gray hair treatment on Facebook. I also look up to find out the product and see the products being sold in the AMAZON.COM and was got FDA Approved. I let my relative live in USA buy it for me. I've started using after 1 month progression have not seen anything, just have less hair fall off a little. After 2 months still no sign of anything, so I'd get to feel depressed, but I continued to use it. After that i decide to use it in double (2 bottles / month) and after third month my gray hair appear a little change sign from gray to brown color from top. I am so happy for this. After fifth month, 90% of my gray hair changed to brown color so much and some of them start changed to black color. And then i decide to use 1 bottle for 1 month. After 8 months using, my gray hair disappear nearly 98% and my hair now include 2 color (a little of brown and mostly in black). Now i stop using it and my gray hair still not come back. I am so happy and introduce this product to everybody.'

(This is real pictures provided by Mr. Mike)

Mr. Mike, lives in Texas USA, shared: 'I am nearly 50 years old. My gray hair is about 70%. I used cheap antigray supplements before but it no change so i must use dye hair. I found this product ,Black Forever, at GOOGLE.COM in website HTCARE.US . I saw a lot of real customer shares from this website and so i decided to use this product 4 months and stop hair dye. In the first and second months, my hair become softer, glossy not dry anymore. After i used 4 bottles, i found my gray hair start to changed color from top to root. I am so happy with this and buy more for use. After 8 months, my gray hair has turned into my original color (black color). I recommend this product to my friends and my relatives. Now i still continue using this product and don't waste much money for hair dyes. Thank you so much for this.'

(This pictures was provided by a customer from AMAZON)

A customer, from AMAZON, shared: 'i bought 6 items for my mom in her birthday. She is 70 years old now. Her head was almost in white color. This item started to work at 4th month and the color of gray hair change to dark yellow from top to root. i didn't believe this result before because i thought it only can be change from root to top. Now she is using this item at 7th month and her gray hair is only 20% in her head.She is very happy with this and likes to take a picture to share to everybody and i did it for her. She will use it more until her gray hair disappear 100%. I recommend Black FOrever product to everybody. '

(This is real pictures provided by Mrs. Julie)

Mrs. Julie, lives in Ottawa, ON CANADA, shared: 'My name's Julie. I am a clerk for a company. I am nearly 48 years old. My white hair began to appear 8 years ago. My white hair is about 90%. I must used hair dyes for my hair because i have my business and it took me 50 CAD for every month. Everytime i use hair dyes, and got side effect as inflamed and itchy scalp. I found this product ,Black Forever, at Amazon.com and saw real videos share of clients used them.So i decided to buy 6 Black Forever bottles for using in 6 months and stop hair dye to see the effectiveness. I dont have any hair loss before i use this product. After second months, my white hairs have no change. I felt unhappy with this. But after third month, my gray hair has been changed to yellow color and i am so happy with this. The change do not from root to top of white hair, it's from top to root. I am so very amazing about that but happy because it works. After 6 months, my white hairs changed so much to yellow and some of them changed to black color (my original color). I understand the result maybe vary base on atopic of each person so my hair changed to yellow not dark brown like other customers. I bought more Black Forever using, and after 8th month, all my white hairs disappear. Now they are mostly in black color, a little of them still in yellow. I taked the pictures for your seeing. Currently i discontinue using them so see how long my gray hair come back. I heard somebody says it will be back after 1 or 2 years.'

(This is real pictures provided by Mr. Tuan)

Mr. Tuan, lives outside United States, shared: 'I am 65 years old. Now I no longer go to work and at home with family. I have silver hair than a decade. I used hair dye in a few years and was forced to stop because this causing breakage hair and make a lot bald, especially now my scalp inflammatory side effects of hair dye. I have a daughter who graduated masters are working for foreign companies. Through television in my country, I know there are many functional foods make gray hair restore to it's original color, but I really do not believe in what they advertise their product as well put doctors, famous actors up for advertisers. On my birthday, I was really surprised to receive a meaningful gift of my daughter. She told me about Black Forever is being sold at Amazon.com for many Americans. Contact HTCARE US company by phone, my daughter tell me HTCARE US currently has the exclusive distributor in Vietnam is HTCARE VN and my daughter bought 6 bottles gave me a birthday present. I used the product more than 2 months only shown to reduce hair loss, rather than changes seen silver hair. I persevered and continued to drink the 4th month, my hair began to appear at the tops brown hair and no hair loss. I am happy because i have seen the real effectiveness. I asked my daughter to take pictures next track developments. I'm really happy partly because the Black Forever, but more importantly it is meaningful gift I send my daughter's birthday. Currently my family very busy to complete the settlement procedures to the United States in Dec 2014 so I will continue to use it when come to United States. '

(This is real pictures provided by Mr. Loi)

Mr. Loi, lives in Wesminster CA USA, shared: 'I am now 65, is director of a private company. My company got 2 branches in USA and Vietnam. I got gray hair nearly 100% and hair loss a lot. I used too much cheap gray hair supplements for gray hair treatment but no one works. I had to google search for gray hair treatment products and found the Black Forever was approved by FDA and be sold in Amazon.com. Initially I ordered 5 bottles get 1 bottle free. Over the first 4 months of using the product, my hair loss reduced and my hair became thicken a lot but gray hair still no change. I tried to persevere and use it through 5th month then I saw my gray hair began to brown. I thought that may be due to my atopic so my gray hair got effective longer than someone else. I continue to buy 3 more bottles to use. When I used 8 bottles, my gray hair is almost gone and my hair is very thick and smooth. Because my company does well, I still use Black Forever to maintain my black hair. I was introduced to the Black Forever to everybody and hope they'll have good results as me. '



Due to the slow hair growth, stop gray hair treatment process should take a few months to begin to see the effect.  Base on most our used customer replies, we recommend that you use the Black Forever continuously  at least 3 months (a few after 5 months) to see gray hair cure start to change its color from gray to dark brown (some yellow) color and 6-10 months for whole gray hair get back  its original hair color. We have good offer for supporting customers in gray hair treatment long term. Besides gray hair treatment, Black Forever will bring thicken, glossy hair to you too. Note: Depending on atopic and condition of each person (much or little gray hair) that results may vary (slow or fast).


Q1. Does BLACK FOREVER got any side effect and Can i use it together with other medicine/vitamin supplement?
A1. No, BLACK FOREVER ,stop gray hair supplement, is made from 100% natural plants without any side effect. It was approved by FDA and can work for young (13-40 years old, premature gray hair) or old people (over 40 years old) in gray hair treatment. A lot of my customers with some illness like: blood presure,diabetes are using it without any side effect.Please consult a doctor if you are in some cases like: Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 14, and individuals with a known medial condition.
Q2. After I stop using BLACK FOREVER, do my gray hair disappear forever or how long do gray hair back or i must using it forever ?
A2. Gray hair process is a natural process from human body by many reasons like we are older or we got a lot of stresses/worries or using much hair dyes..., BLACK FOREVER will help you get back your original color hair. After u got the best result, you should avoid some reasons that make gray hair. If you follow avoid bad reasons we list above, For premature young people: gray hair can disappear 5-10 years until you are older. For old people (50 years over): gray hair can back after 2 years. You can still use Black Forever after you got best result to maintain your hair.
Q3. Does BLACK FOREVER make skin darker ?
A3. No, BLACK FOREVER only work for gray hair in head. It not works or makes any side effect to your skin.
Q4. How long do i use BLACK FOREVER for whole gray hair treatment (reverse all gray hair to original color)?
A4.Base on real customer replies got best results for gray hair treatment, about 60-70% customers say their grey hair mostly turned into original color after 6 months and 8-10 months for customers with a lot of gray hair (90-100% gray hair on their head). These results maybe vary because they base on how much gray hair that customers got and their atopics.
Q5. How long does BLACK FOREVER start to work for reverse gray hair treatment and Can I see this effectiveness?
A5. For the first effective you can see gray hair start turn into original color, we recommend you use BLACK FOREVER at least 3 months (a fewer can be 5 months because their atopics). In first month and second month (base on our used customer replies) their hair become thicker, softer and reduce hair loss. After third months (some after fifth month), their gray hair appear original color (some brown color, some yellow) on it.
Q6. Has anybody used BLACK FOREVER that work for gray hair treatment in success?
A5.Yes, we have a lot real customers got best result when using our products. We upload some real video clips or pictures from customer shares and their story about how they use our product and how to get success in result.
Q7. Who should avoid using BLACK FOREVER?
 Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 13, and individuals with a known medial condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. 
Q8. Can i use hair dyes when using BLACKFOREVER ?
A8.Yes, you can using hair dyes with BLACK FOREVER. Although we recommend you shouldn't using hair dyes because it gots a lot of side effects, but some of our customers got their business, they should need a beauty hair so they must using hair dyes with BLACK FOREVER. When using Black Forever with hair dyes, please left some hairs not dye so that u can see the effect of BLACK FOREVER in gray hair treatment.
Send us an email (sales@htcare.us) if you got any other concern.